about us

Platemee.com We are a company that strives to bring an exciting new innovative way to chat in Social media. There is nothing like it . Have you ever passed a girl/guy that you seen driving and you just wanted to say hi or you've almost cut off and you want to say sorry. Well now you can. With plateme.com. You can also send texts with friends family chat with people from all around the world. Here's how it works You sign in with your license plate number that will be your unique ID for people to find you and chat. Just type in mom's plate number and there she is. See a vehicle on the road you really like typing the plate number and let them know they have a nice vehicle. Pass a cute girl or guy driving down the street typing the plate number and go for dinner. Somebody cuts you off no need to flip the bird send them a text It's that easy. Welcome to platemee.com we hope you enjoy all the features of our site.